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Revolution Rock 2021

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After a break of 6 years, Revolution Rock is back with a bang claiming itself to be the biggest music concert of past 3 years happening on 18th September 2021. The event will consist of 5 top notch bands from Jaipur playing under one roof collectively pulling a Mayhem for the Pink CIty.  






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18th September,2021


₹250 for each pass with complimentary Beer/ Redbull

LEVELS CLUB, Ramada Hotel

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Elixirore is an Indian Progressive Metal Band from India. Their music is heavily influenced by bands such as "Periphery, Meshuggah, Monuments and Cloudkicker." The band consists of Jeevesh Kumar Laduna, Tarunaditya Singh Shekhawat, Ravneet Singh, Archit Tak, Suvan Mathur and Puru Sharma forming a six piece metal act. The band was a two man project in its early days consisting of Tarun and Jeevesh, but, while working on their second album, they decided to go all in with vocals and put on a show. Their collaboration with Ravneet led to the formation of the band. Elixirore has evolved from a bedroom band led by two people to a full fledged band within the past two years after their first release.



3 AM ‬ is an alternative rock/Funk band from Jaipur.

Since their formation, 3 AM has written multiple originals and has played at different places.

These young rock musicians are heavily influenced by classic rock bands of 70’s and 80’s , multiple rock and funk bands like RHCP.

3 AM attempts to recreate the great music of the west with hindi inputs and vocals.

They are about to release their 5th original track.


Segments as the name suggest divided into having their different stage presence along with their instruments and united into one segment by their rocking and popping bangers. Their music will conceive you beyond your imagination and make you feel limitless without any boundations. 

Based out in Jaipur, these guys are one of the most prominent faces coming up with their acts and will make you go crazy. Blended with all the specialties these guys know how to charm their audiences and their performance is a full palette of sound that makes you want to close your eyes and just rock to the music and make you an antisocialite for a matter of time


the polyphony

A band made by two teenagers in 2010, playing some rock and some blues here and there.
They found their bassist and drummer in 2014  and won Blitzschlag right after.

They played some major gigs back then - 
Searock 2014, Goa
Hard Rock Cafe 2014, Gurugram
BIrla Institute Of Technology Fest 2014, Jaipur
MNIT Annual Fest 2014, Jaipur

And after that the band members moved to their respective agendas, and the band went off the same year.

After 4 years of inactivity, former member Akash, found the sound again with Lakshya and Ardie in 2018, and making new music since.

After coming back in consciousness, they performed Zomaland Delhi, at JLN Stadium in 2019.

The band is recording their song these days.

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Joined the indie rock scene in the early 2019s and quickly gained a fanatical following. Their sound is characterized by gentle rock influences and a slight Indian cover twang.

They are known for their hit 'Teri Kami' and made their presence go big in the town with their amazing bangers.

Each and every member of the band is dripped with true musical talent!
They laid their foundation in the music scene with their melodious and amazing performances.

Watch out for these amazing artists as they won't fail to surprise you with their catchy tunes and riffs. We assure you that it's gonna be an amazing experience watching these guys perform

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To make your evening more special get a complimentary Beer/ Redbull with your ticket and enjoy this concert in the best trip with the best vibes!



We promise to make your evening even more special by offering all IMFL drinks at ₹250/- Only

Revolution Rock
18-Sept-2021, 5:00 pm
Levels Club

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