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  • Getting your track mix and mastered through professionals.

  • Getting a photo and video shoot done for your track.

  • Getting all your required paperwork done for both pre and post-promotion.

  • Submitting your music for Distribution across the globe.

  • Designing a website for you in order to help you grow on google.

  • Designing the Cover art, Promotion Thumbnails, and banners along with social media posts for pre and post-promotion of your music.

  • Getting your music promoted on music pages and through influencers in both pre and post promotion period of our lanch

  • Spread a word about the music through WhatsApp communities and other groups

  • Social Media Marketing using your profile

  • Designing and manufacturing your merchandise if you are planning to go on a tour

  • Helping you set the whole gig if you are planning to do a launch event. Right from sound to lighting, from crew to gears.

  • Ticketing all your gigs in and outside your city wherever you go to play a gig for promoting your track through your personalized ticketing link 

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