Wish to Jam At The Coolest Jampad In The Town? 

We understand that to make the coolest of music an artist needs the coolest of ambiance to practice at! Hence we are here with our partnered Jampad where you can jam for hours at the most economical price in the town that too with the coolest ambiance and environment. Book your Jampad now and have a fun time jamming with your bandmates and create some cool 'STUFF!' See you at the Jampad!

Advantages of the Jampad:

  • Fully Airconditioned Jampad

  • Fully Soundproof and Accoustically treated

  • Economical Cost that suits your pocket

  • Trippy Environment that helps you make trippy music

  • Located at the Center of the City

  • Complimentary Instruments such as Guitars and Drums

What do you get in this deal?

  • 16 Channel Mixer

  • 4 Mics

  • TRS and XLR leads for your Instruments and Mics

  • 2 16W P.A. Yamaha System

  • Extention Chords for your gears

  • 1 Tube Amp

  • 5 piece Drum Kit with 1 Crash, 1 Ride and single kick

  • Guitar rig to choose from

  • Live mix as per your choice

  • Sound Engineer available throughout your jam.

Convinced Much? Book Your Jampad Now!

  • 1 hr

    185 Indian rupees

Wish to buy an aggregate package and Save on your hard-earned penny?

Buy an aggregate package and get credits! Use the credits by booking the slot in the calendar whenever you wish to Jam!

Jam at the most trippy environment and save money like a pro!